Marine Scanning Services

Has your vessel sustained damage and is in need of repair at the next port? Contact 3CON, LLC to find out how we can send your information ahead of your arrival to expedite your repairs.

Avg. Repair Time - Standard
Avg. Repair Time - 3CON MDS
Vessel Downtime - Standard
Vessel Downtime - 3CON MDS

* Average downtime and repairs based on comparison of ship-side and shore diagnosis and replacement fabrications. Acutsl cost/time savings may cary depending on type of repair needed and/or vessels capability of transit to next port of call.

Marine Mechanical

If your companies vessel is at sea and suffers a mechanical failure, or unexpected event, what do you do if your crew isn’t provided with the correct spare parts? If you have specialized designs, this can be a costly endeavor in both time and money to make the repair once you reach your home port, or port for repair. By using 3CON, LLC’s technology, you can order your needed components ahead of time complete with dimensional information. Your repair will be ready for you without the delay of fabrication upon arrival.

Marine Structural

Structural failures can end a vessels journey and have serious effects on its future seaworthiness. How do you determine how bad a failure is? What do you do when photographs and video just can’t communicate the damage properly to your maintenance team awaiting your arrival in port? 3CON, LLC can create a multi-dimensional scan using cutting edge technology that will assist your team in review, diagnosis, and ultimately a well planned repair strategy even before your vessel arrives in port in most cases.

Marine Safety

It’s the worst case scenario for any mariner carrying either passengers or cargo. Safety of and on-board your vessel is your ultimate concern and your largest liability. If your vessels is involved in an incident or accident, don’t trust the documentation of the event to old technology. Get a complete image of the information using 3CON, LLC’s advanced laser scanning capabilities. Proper documentation can assist in real time strategy decisions for estimates, repairs, and even insurance claims.

Do you have an emergency repair need that can’t wait until your next port of call? We can travel to your vessels location, or arrange service at your next port in most cases. Contact 3CON, LLC’s Marine Division Service (MDS) to expedite your repair process.