What is 3D STS?

Recently, the FBI and Homeland Security announced that there was credible threats against so-called ‘soft targets’ inside of the United States of America. These targets are, simply put, not secured against threats of an active nature. Camera systems for example are passive, and will not actually do a great deal to protect you unless they can warn you of an impending threat.

The dilemma is how do you communicate the intricacy of your area to local, state, and federal authorities? The answer is 3D scanning. 

3D STS (Soft Target Scanning) creates an exact 3D math model of your buildings, facilities, grounds, etc. so that first respondents can see exactly what they are getting into.

How does it work?

3D STS is basically broken down into three events.

1. A complete scan of the area you wish to document is conducted.
2. The scan data is the assembled into a deliverable format.
3. Local, State, and Federal officials have access to the data for emergency response.

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Bars & Night Clubs

  • Shopping Malls

Has your local, state, or federal emergency management contacted you asking for details plans?