Get more information on 3D laser scanning for your needs!

Communication tower work in general is a challenge. Gathering accurate measurements to make informed decisions is not only often costly, but it can be inherently dangerous as well. Enter 3CON, LLC with the solution – 3D Laser Scanning using W.A.L.S. (Wide Area Laser Scanning)

The advantage or laser scanning your existing tower or site is that you have complete and accurate measurement data on your desktop whenever and wherever you need it. No more traveling back out to the field to get a missed measurement or review dimensional issues.

3D laser scanning with the 3CON, LLC’s laser scanning systems can provide engineers with detailed 3D models that accurately document entire facilities and their assets, such as power components, cell towers, machinery, and pipe work. This scan data can be used for building management, collision detection for retrofits, as-built documentation for CAD modeling, and other plant design tasks.

Asset and facility management solutions from 3CON, LLC ensure that layouts are as logical and efficient as possible.