Why Climb?

Recently, we sat down and evaluated some basic requirements for the telecom industry inside of the United States. The biggest problem we saw was that the vast majority of service providers were still doing it the way they did it in the 1990’s and not comprehending why they were being left behind by competition. 3CON, LLC has provided 3D scanning, site mapping, structural analysis data and more to the telecom industry for years, and we have noticed a (disturbing) pattern.

In any business, time is money. Adapting to change is difficult. If the old way works, keep using it. These are the statements that we have heard time and time again throughout the industry. This thinking opens the door for new, disruptive technology to come in and change the marketplace in its entirety. The not-so big news is that it’s already starting in the telecom industry.

3D scanning has taken root as the new tool for adaptive companies that want to leverage technology to their advantage. With the wide range of uses, 3D scanning can provide the telecom engineer the ability to travel from site to site without leaving their desk. From the comfort of the keyboard, they can perform complex measurements that in many cases are unattainable otherwise, review design updates, and check for possible impending failures. That’s really pretty incredible when you think that it can be done while enjoying your morning coffee.

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3CON, LLC continues expansion

Inverness, FL – 3CON, LLC announced today support for Northern and Central Florida. Due to an increase in service requests specifically in the Southeast, 3CON, LLC is making every effort to meet the needs of its clients, both current and future. Service offerings will include both terrestrial scanning as well as airborne advanced imaging and 3D laser scanning.

“Considering the growth in Florida, both commercial as well as residential, we see a great opportunity to bring our technology into the markets and give our clients an advantage over other firms that simply do not posses it.” – Duane N. Redding, C.E.O.

3CON, LLC announces new affiliate offices in Michigan and Iowa.

3CON, LLC continues to expand now offering in-state services via affiliated firms in Michigan and Iowa. Please contact us for more details.