What is Scene Web Share?

Scenewebshare.com is developed off of FARO Technologies own open source web share platform. This platform allows users to upload complete (or raw) scan data and then make it available to other users or clients who do not have the appropriate hardware or software. It runs through most popular internet browsers and required no additional software purchases.

The process is simple. The client scans (or has a service provider scan) the area to be documented. After registration and colorization, the scan(s) can the be uploaded to one of our secure servers for hosting. Once uploaded, the client can then establish a user base of whom they wish to have access to the data. Limitations can be placed on who can view, edit, download, or remove data.

All data hosted with 3CON, LLC is backed up on an enterprise level system and has guaranteed availability as well as protection from data loss in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. In the event that you wish to move your data to another provider, or just keep it in-house, all you need to do is provide a portable hard drive certified by your IT/MIS group, and we will do the rest. Don’t have an IT/MIS group? No problem. We can handle the entire process for you from start to finish. In many cases we can allow complete downloads from our internal cloud storage so no hardware provisioning is needed.

Why do I need it?

The best reason that you would need Scenewebshare.com is to provide critical scan data and information to other party’s that do not have access to either your data pool, or the appropriate hardware and software to access completed FARO Focus3D or Trimble TX5 scan data. In many cases, the client may be geographically located in an area that makes it impossible for them to travel to review the data.

Due to the size of the normal scan file, there isn’t an easy method of sending them in most cases. Emailing then is certainly not an option. By using Scenewebshare.com, you eliminate the need for the end user to invest their time and money into a solution that you can provide to them as a service. Several service providers have offered this as a bundled option with on-site scanning.

Is it complicated to use?

The answer is no. If you can access the internet via any popular web browser, they you have the ability to operate Scenewebshare.com. The interface is completely mouse/keyboard driven and allows for information to be delivered in both Imperial and Metric formats.

Can I use a mobile device?

Yes. We do offer an Ultimate plan that allows you to BYOD and host off of our network (security compliance is required).
*Note – Device require Adobe Flash capability. or ability to access codex.

Is my data secure?

Your information is secured in the same data warehousing center that holds data from numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The highest level of encryption allowed is used to protect and safeguard your information.

Are you interested in finding out how you can share your 3D scan data worldwide? Contact us today for more information.